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Aerial Photo of Great Horkesley


Great Horkesley Parish Council looks after the needs and environment
of an Essex village set between Colchester – Britain's Oldest Recorded Town –
and the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


The anticipated planning application to develop the land around Great Horkesley Manor has now been lodged with Colchester Borough Council.  Click here to see the application.  This is an outline application with all matters reserved – essentially a thorough examination of the site to ensure that it is in all respects suitable for development.  If permission were granted, a further application covering layout and design of buildings would be needed.  The timing of this would be a matter for the landowner.

It should be noted that the applicant does not propose to deliver all the changes to the A134 detailed in the Transport Statement.  It is likely that some of the changes closest to the site would be made in order to deliver the required safe crossing of the A134 on foot – this must be negotiated and agreed with the Highway Authority, Essex County Council, before outline permission can be granted.  The Transport Statement also includes the results of a Feasibilty Study for a shared footway/cycleway along the A134 from the site to Mile End – construction would require additional funding and would be managed by Essex County Council at some time in the future.

Great Horkesley Parish Council held an extra meeting on Wednesday 6th March 2019 to hear residents' views and then discuss and agree its response to the application.  The formal response to the application can be viewed here.






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Parish Clerk:
Penny Mutch
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