Councillors and Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk: Penny Mutch - see contact details 

Chairman:   Mick Mead

Vice Chairman: Christopher Arnold


  • Geoffrey Baker
  • Teri Duckworth
  • Martin Ewin
  • Liz Taverner
  • Caroline Wescomb-Cross
  • Lance Williams

Parish Councillor's Responsibilities & Interests

The responsibilities each Councillor undertakes on behalf of the Parish Council is in the council's A-Z list.

The Register of Interests for Parish Councillors is available on the CBC site

District Councillors

Your district councillors for the Rural North Ward of Colchester Borough Council are our own Councillor Christopher Arnold, Councillor Nigel Chapman and Councillor Peter Chillingworth. You can find their details on the CBC website.

County Councillor

Your Essex County Councillor is Anne Brown, and  her details are on the ECC website.