Police matters

Village Anti-Social Behaviour Problems - a message from your Parish Council

If you are troubled or disturbed, by anti-social behaviour  i.e. abusive or threatening behaviour, noise and disturbance in the street outside your house at any time, cars, motorcycles and scooters, driven dangerously or erratically, so as to cause nuisance, noise or danger.

Please call Colchester Police Tel. 101  (non-emergency number).

Ask the Officer or Clerk receiving your complaint or report for an Incident Number.  Make a careful note of the date and time of the incident and the time you reported it to the Police and the Incident Number from the Police. The Incident Number is most important!

Advise the Parish council of your actions at your earliest convenience quoting all information. Your Council is trying to collate information regarding these incidents in order to gain an increase in Police awareness and involvement in our village.

You may report to any Parish Councillor, or to the Parish Clerk.

Please help us to help you to make Great Horkesley a safe place to live.

Aldercar Wood Neighbourhood Watch

For the local neighbourhood watch scheme, see the Neighbourhood Watch page.